Lady standing next to me

Hi friends,this is raj the old reader of (iss).but i m new here to share my 1st story for you 24 years,tall handsome boy,generally rome around here n there in market just to have fun laughing n to get someone.hahaha you got that.anyway now im coming to my incident which happen with me 4 days back.actually it was afternoon when i was feeling hot because of summer,i went from my home to have a cold drink. While i was drinking my cold stuff,i went to a panmasala shop to light my cigarrate. As i was enjoying both i see a lady near by 29 years old standing next to me with polybags taking vegetable n was not comfortable. I asked her is some thing wrong happening with her.she replied to me that she is not well n her home is just an kilometer from the place i was standing.she said im getting sleepy(chakar aa raha tha)due to heat(it was 1:45p.m in afternoon)she asked to help her as she was all alone,i said yes shore mam pls come n sit on my i was not having any bad intension regarding sex as i was helping her i reached her home as she said the route to soon as i reached the gate i see a big bunglow and think hope she is joking that its her house? Strange i leave her n ask to move back,suddenly she replied boy wait you helped happy still there r good people who cares for other.i was happy to listen this,suddenly she said come inside my home as the guard see her,the put asalute to her n asked mam are you ok. was calling n shouting on us(her husband) asking where the mam is gone?I was shocked to see the security of her bunglow.good then she asked me to walk-in with her atleast have a glass of water.i first replied to her some other time mam but she forced me and i went in with the real story starts all of you if feel bore then im sorry but when it just happens your hands dosen’t stop to tell each n everything.Ok now as i was in her home.she asked her to get two glass of cold water n put on the a/c as we were sitting in her drawing room.the came n i had water relaxing myself n asked now mam are you alright now.she said a little better n start crying i was scared n start thinking now what happened? Slowly after 2-3 minutes i asked mam whats wrong, she told me as guard said infront of me about her husband shouting, she was depressed,n as she was very frustrated she start telling me the fight she always had with her husband,all same (no time devotion)to her.she told me we are rich but not every buddy dont get all thing in life they were having good money n living style but not happiness.

She told her husband is mostly out of station and she is fed up of all around the big walls in her home. Suddenly she bent down to remove her bellys i can see her cleavage was really big n juicy. I asked her to take rest and let me move now she said anger to me please be seat .i was damn shocked?How the hell she shouted on me. Anyways i keep sitting she start asking me what i do? Where i stay?Etc i tell her each n evening thing,that im a student n use to roam around here n there, while i was telling all this to her she stand from sofa n came next to me and sitting next she hold my hand and said sorry as she shouted on me.i was shocked whats going on but understand now what can happen……she was really hot lady 34-28-34 i start opposing whats going on mam,can i leave now,im getting late as i came too know that she is thrusty of what….she asked me boy you dont seems to be this much fool and put my hand on her breest.ohhhhhh i was gone. I was thing what a good opportunity i get without any efforts im getting something.i told her mam this is not good i shall leave now.but this time she said to me if u’r not coming in my room ill complaint to police,that you r misbehaving me in my house.i was scared she start seducing me.i was ready but she was not much toll rating.She pulled me inside her Room and removed her pink top she was wearing.she was damn sexy n was wearing light pink bra,she lay down on her bed pulling me on her and start kissing,smooching,me i was excited now n angry too.i also start too play big game now.i pressed her boobs shaking them up n down licking them from the top of her i my cock was straighten away i remove her black long skirt she wearing n now i was gone mad in clod chilling a/c room with a pusy boob n cunt to make fuck freely.i start licking her cunt up-down biting the pussy lips n small hairs.i destroyed her bra from front.n now she was horny to see my anger too fuck her.we asked for 69 ask his husband never did with her.sucking my machine n i mashing her cunt.muahhhh baby i wanna get fucked pushing her cunt more n more in my mouth.i was waiting too see her cum out. Because i love to see ladies satisfied while i fingure them 5-6 time n when they r out now its time for me to become a tiger. N stand too fuck the base.the sweet cunt n ass ofcourse. I finger her 5 time she was damned tired while fingering i was chewing her mangoes.she was damned tired and was asking me not to do more now. But how is that possible now it was my turn and as she was busy getting my last fingering shit i spread her legs n mashed my cock inside n her eyes were out.for the few seconds my 9inches was invisible now she was lying like dead but after 15-20second she replied fuck me fuck me my baby more harder n more go on .n later i fucked her thrice after fingering her 5times.i was very happy n if can see the happiness on rashi’s face ohhhhhh she was happy.n was praying me to be in touch.she gave her mobile number to me n im regularly fucking her from last four day, her husband is coming in few day n ill be alone for a week ,if any lady ,girl really wanna have fun can mail me near noida gurgaon,delhi or any city in north side.ill be there for her. Tell ur views to in touch take care.bye mail me on [email protected]


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